Profile: Kate Moross

Kate Moross is a London-based graphic designer, illustrator and art director. Her work first caught my eye for it’s playful use of colour, abstract shapes and energetic illustrated typography. Since beginning her career in 2008 Moross’s work has touched on so many areas of graphic design from packaging to advertising to editorial design to branding and poster art. I admire Moross’s versatility as a designer and ability to infuse just about anything she works on with her distinctly playful style. In addition to being a talented designer, Kate Moross also has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She briefly ran her own record label which specialized in packaging vinyl records and she later went on to found Studio Moross in 2012.

Above are some examples of Moross’s typography-based work. Although works like these both exemplify a bold, playful style, Moross says that style isn’t what is most important to her designs. She has said: “If someone was to bring all my work together in a room or on a page I would want it to make sense, but I don’t want it to be an obvious lineage in style or aesthetic. I’m not concerned with style. I care about answering the brief, and making good work.”

Throughout her career, Kate Moross has worked closely with the music industry, doing branding and packaging for a number of popular artists. Above to the right is an example of branding for a music festival that her studio completed this year.

I like how Kate Moross’s work manages to incorporate bold and clever imagery while always carefully considering a clients needs. I think that her work can serve a great inspiration to designers and illustrators looking to take a more playful approach to a project.

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